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[QuarantineRP] Rivers -Bogey- Kestrel by Touzokuou [QuarantineRP] Rivers -Bogey- Kestrel by Touzokuou
I present Rivers "Bogey" Kestrel for the group:
:iconquarantinerp: This is the second and final character I will attempt to bring in for hopefully a long time to come.

Name: Rivers "Bogey" Kestrel
Position: Lone Survivor } Scavenger/Forager
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 287lbs
Eye color: Blue, blind in right eye.
Hair color: Strawberry blonde
Distinguishing marks: Two scars, one running at a horizontal slant down the left side of his chest and one running at an opposite slant along the lower abdomen. One blind eye and minimalistic tattoos that consist of arrows and lines.


- MILEY: More of a valuable asset than a weapon, Miley has been trained to be extra vigilant, using her taught habits to assist Rivers in getting things from places he cannot fit as well as detecting the whereabouts of infected. While Miley may be only 20lbs, she is never directly involved in combat. Rivers will go out of his way to ensure no infection comes to his four legged companion.
-JAEGER:  Acting much like a nightstick, "Jaeger" the crowbar is Rivers' first choice of a weapon. Its weight added to the momentum built behind each swing calls for an effective disabling of the infected as well as the living. The sturdy design also helps him as a tool for entering locked buildings or disabling machinery.

Personality: When it comes to Rivers, there are two sides. Business and pleasure. From an early start, he'd proven difficult to motivate and often lost in thought, his mind elsewhere. It was when his fathers military work shifted towards handling and training of the dogs did Rivers grow interested in something aside from wrecking havoc in the classrooms and home. He'd been reeled in where a most softer side had sprouted. He'd calmed dramatically and his studies skyrocketed in improvement. It was then that the two faces to Rivers were born.

Rivers and Bogey.

Rivers was the boy behind the kindness, the careful soft spirit who helped guide and teach the dogs under his fathers command both at work and in the home, whereas Bogey was the more determined, cruel and silent side that often reared its head while deep in focus. As he grew and entered into the military programs himself, following in his fathers footsteps, it seemed Bogey was the man no one wished to deal with and that still follows to this day.

Safe House: Safe Zone: From the moment Rivers moved to Iceacre, he hadn't even chosen to abandon the place he'd picked out and claimed suitable for living. Being a retired vet, and a Kestrel, he held firm to the family values and lessons to be learned. He'd replicate the basement turned bunker of his family home, modifying it to his own needs as he saw to the houses renovations the moment he landed, thousands of miles from home.

He had no problems, living here on the outskirts where he'd sustained himself from day to day after the quarantine began. He'd simply begun to board up, from the ground up until all 2,000sq ft  of reinforced walls and supplies was blocked from the cruel world. But he was happy here. At the start of the quarantine, it had been just him an fifteen dogs crammed into the space. But as it would progress, his supplies would slowly dwindle down and the numbers of his beloved company would simply wither. Soon it was just him and Miley all alone. The small yard off the back had been enclosed completely. He wasn't anything of a green thumb, but he could find time on the good days to enjoy some fresh air, Allowing Miley her sense of freedom.

But inside was another sense. The basement had four openings. All designed to be accessed accordingly, and all kept secure while the ground level above had two main openings and a total of five windows, all blocked. The Top floor was something else, it was small, the eaves of the roof cutting down at a leisurely slope. It was nothing more than an attic space, really. Yet up there he kept supplies and with one entrance but two exits, it was as well, what he'd consider secure.

In the days he can allow himself some relaxation, or down time, It isn't uncommon to find Rivers sitting upon the roof, a set of military grade binoculars in hand as he watches from his perch along the outskirts of Iceacre, yet still in enough to be surrounded by a shallow maze of cul-de-sacs. He'd wanted peace and quiet. Yet that need to watch had won out in the end. Now, he had more than plenty of time to watch. But watch what when the world he'd come to know was burning itself to the ground right before his very own eyes.

History: They say a dog can understand 4,000 words of the human language and that some men follow in their father's footsteps, taking on their legacy and building to it. But what is to become of the man when his fathers legacy is nothing but dogs? Canines specialized and weaponized as tools to aid in times of anguish and conflict. Well, they, like most superheroes, do what they do best. They save the souls they touch. And with Rivers Kestrel, that happened to be the deal.

Rivers had always been a troubled youth and the flare-up of many controversial topics among his fathers superiors and duty. He'd been merely five years old when he'd coined the name Bogey for himself. The term proving more than sufficient when the childs behaviors fit all the criteria. Even in the family home, Bogey seemed to be the child most present at any given time. He was the trouble maker, the violent force of nature that aided many of his five siblings hospital visits. He was out of control.

And he had been until around the age of 12, their demonic little Bogey would manage to make a turn towards the better. A healthier family relationship and a renewed interest in academics. Funny thing was? It all started with an attack dog at the end of the line. Tucker was the second chance dog that his father, who specialized in training and handling attack and bomb detection dogs in the military, had brought home. The dog, when not directly being handled by Mr. Kestrel, spent its time caged and chained up.

Within a year of the dog occupying one of the kennels in the yard of their home, Mr. Kestrel would begin to notice a change. The dog had become more trusting, friendlier towards him and other humans brought into the environment and he'd have the families Bogey to thank. The child had spent most of the nights sitting and merely talking to the dog while slipping meat trimming between the reinforced chain link. Eventually he'd bought the dog's trust and a bond would grow. A bond that was put to the test when Tucker slipped his lead during a training session in the summer of the boys 13th year.

Instead of going in for the kill and chasing the boy down, the dog merely greeted his small, squishy human friend with apprehension, but ultimately kindness. It would mark the start of a change. The change of a young boy falling in to his fathers boots.

* * * * *

*By the age of 16, Rivers father departed. He was being stationed overseas and into the heat of combat where IEDs and explosives seemed to be planted just about everywhere. But it was this tour that his father would return home in a box. It was a hard time, something that shook the young boy to the core. He was left without the man who taught him all he now knew. The only thing he had as a reminder to the kind ways of his father was Tucker. Who was now rearing towards retirement at the age of 8, an impressive age for dogs working in such dangerous and damaging lines of work.

*It was only six years later, after Rivers had graduated from the Academy, managed to get engaged, and had already dove into the military that Rivers' last remaining shreds of normality fell apart and the threat of doing time behind bars loomed over head. He'd been 22 at the time three men had attempted to break in and rob Kestrel's apartment off of base. It was the moment they shot Tucker that they all signed their death warrants. Fueled by blind fury and adrenaline, Rivers nearly beat all three men to death as he picked them off one by one. Putting the coined name Bogey to use.

They never knew he was there until it was too late.

In the end? Rivers was let off the hook. The jury finding him innocent of what happened to the three thieves. Stating that the repercussions of their initial breaking and entering was entirely their fault. It should of been satisfying. To see all three men get locked up behind bars. But it wasn't enough.

*With a rift growing between Rivers and his fiance, Marge, he'd leave for the battlefront where he'd wrap himself around the chaos that grew in swells. It was here that he found himself acquiring more experience in the only way he knew. With one accident after another.

Of course, there would be that one accident. The one that would get him pulled in all finality from the battlefront. He'd been relaxing near the base when one of the locals advanced on him. It was stupid, his fault in all entirety when he'd been stabbed two times while out of his body armor. Once in the chest, barely missing his heart as the crude blade spread the ribs, the other going right through his lower abdomen, slicing right into the stomach and surrounding organs.

*He was 27 and pulled back behind the lines to be shipped home for light duty and bed rest. Something that didn't fare well for the always moving man. It was at this time that Rivers split apart from his fiance after he'd brought his work home, filling their apartment with one dog right after another. This was at this age that the brother of his greatest friend had delivered a get well present. A small dog with a burst of spunk. Her name was Miley, and she was the last wedge that broke apart the once two lovebirds.
Marge walked and Kestrel stayed behind in the company of the dogs.

*At the age of 31, Rivers is cleared to resume duty in the military where he continues to work with dogs in a civilian setting rather than on the battlefield.

*One year later, Rivers is partially blinded when hit by a car on his way home from the bar.

*Six years later, Rivers decides to finally retire from serving the public with his dogs at the age of 37 where he decides to up and move. Finding himself living within the quarantine zone before all goes to hell.

*When the outbreak begins, Rivers is 39 years old and manages to survive with just him and his dogs. However, due to the intensity of the outbreak, many of his dogs die. Leaving him with just Miley who he takes every precaution to keep alive.

She is his legacy.

- Military combat and strength training.
- Survival knowledge including basic field medical to food procuring.
- Is quick to learn but often depends on the method.
- Hyper-vigilant about his safe house.

- Completely blind in right eye. Peripheral vision for that side has been lost.
- Suffers from unmedicated ADHD hyperactivity that was present since young and often rears its head when he is alone with Miley or out and about doing tasks, although he will try to hide it.
- How he learns is by messing up. This may not seem bad, but consider it like this. The biggest lessons he'd learned left him scarred and blind in one eye. 
- Miley. While she is an asset and a strength, she is his greatest weakness. He's still managed not to fall into a depressive rut thanks to the little dog by his side. If anything were to threaten her life, he'd go all out in attempts to save her. Even if it meant laying himself down in direct danger. 
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ceceme12 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
my OC Genevieve wants to meet Miley... puppies <3

Rivers seems frickin' awesome too! What a detailed story you wrote up! I'm truly impressed.
Goldpotatoes Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015
Jesus I just realized he's a giant. 
Cry needs a rp with him. If she's lucky maybe she'll stand just below his shoulder.
Goldpotatoes Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
Military service people trickling into the lone survivors.
Very detailed history going on there. I love the lurking split personality. I can only imagine the destruction of whoever unfortunate that happened to injure Miley.

Does he have military dog tags? It'll be an interesting token to keep.
AthenaRaine Featured By Owner Edited Dec 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We've gotta rp this d00d is great
And the ADHD thing, wouldn't coffee make him cool his jets? Maybe Raz would shaaaaare ovo
Touzokuou Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We shouldQ
And I believe it would seeing as it helps promote sleep in sufferers of ADHD.
Might be something good right there to go off of.
AthenaRaine Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
We've gotta, huzzah~
Hanna-Victoria Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Touzokuou Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Rivers will be brought to Quarantine shortly (still need to do his shelter info).
u  v  u

But you can poke him all you want.
Hanna-Victoria Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Iiiiihhhh!! Can't wait!
Touzokuou Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Finished all information, hopefully he'll be accepted. u v u;
my-sky-is-over Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Thaank you. 
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